My mission is to have all gas heaters
checked and serviced and protect your safety

Not servicing of gas appliances is becoming a big problem.  Property manager and agents have got the responsibilities of telling their landlords that looking after the gas infra structure is not a choice it is an obligation, gas infra structure is the pipework from the meter into the house and all appliances connected to it.

Hello my name is Frans Sterk and I am the Owner/Director of Gaswatch Australia Pty Ltd. in Launceston Tasmania. Gaswatch are specialists in service, repair, supply and installation of gas appliances in the domestic household. Coming from Europe where gas appliances are used throughout the year I was trained up as a CORGI (Council Of Registered Gas Installers) registered gas installer where annual maintenance on gas appliances is a must.


However in Adelaide I have found that servicing of gas appliances is not on the Australians agenda at all which can have disastrous consequences. Here in Adelaide it is not unusual to come across gas appliances that are 20 years old that haven’t been touched by a gas fitter since installation. Not only is the collection of dust in a gas fire or gas appliance a serious fire hazard, which results in approximately 50 house fires a year according to the fire brigade, but an even bigger hazard is the fact that a gas appliance that doesn't function properly can produce the deadly gas carbon monoxide.

Gaswatch has been campaigning for some time now against carbon monoxide poisoning here in Adelaide.

What is carbon monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide is unlike smoke and is a highly poisonous gas produced when any fossil fuel burns incompletely. It has no smell, taste or color and is therefore very difficult to detect with human senses. The first warning symptoms that Carbon Monoxide is present in the air are usually headaches and nausea. It can leak from flues, or cooking and heating appliances when they have been poorly maintained, or when they simply break down.
Manufacturer’s state in their manuals that gas appliances should be serviced at least once every 2 years for good reason,

Remove the dust from the inside of the appliance

Check and adjust gas pressures just to make sure it keeps on running effectively.

Inspect the integrity and internal workings of the appliance

And for people who think removing the dust from the heater every winter by means of a vacuum cleaner will do the trick…..Think again. The heater needs to be taken apart and internal works need to be inspected.

The following story is one of the reasons why Gaswatch is campaigning against carbon monoxide poisoning.

A property manager had sent 3 letters to a landlord reminding him that the heater needed to be serviced. He chose to ignore all 3 letters which resulted in 2 little boys dying and their mother having health issues for the rest of her life. Not to mention the grief she and her family have to go through, devastating!!!!!

Gaswatch has appeared several time on television in Adelaide in regards of carbon monoxide poisoning produced by faulty or unserviced gas appliances. Have gas appliances serviced regularly and stay safe and healthy.

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