Carbon Monoxide The Silent Killer

Gaswatch has been campaigning about carbon monoxide for some time now. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous lethal gas produced by faulty or unserviced gas appliances. A manufacturer states anyway that an appliance needs to be serviced at least once every 2 years. They have told you in their manual so if you don’t take the appropriate action you put yourself and loved ones at risk of having health problems or even die.

Property managers and landlords have got great responsibilities which are often not taken care off. A property manager is the responsible person and therefore instructions from the manager to the landlord should be carried out. However too often this advice is not always taken seriously which has resulted in 2 little boys dying in Victoria 4 years ago. The big implication here is that if anything where to happen to a person in a rental property which is carbon monoxide related an insurance company could easily turn around and say “well it has been in the media you should know about this” which leaves the property manager/landlord/home owner in a very vulnerable position.

Don’t forget that even in your own house you are responsible for this. A story caught my eye the other day where 2 little sisters went for a sleepover at a friends house and they died of carbon monoxide poisoning which was produced by a faulty water heater. You wouldn’t be able to live with yourself for the rest of your life.

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