How Do Sacrificial Anodes Work To Save My Tank

Too often hot water cylinders are installed and than left until something breaks down. However by spending a little bit of money on maintenance you can double or even treble the life of a hot water system.
GASWATCH took over the business Anoguard Technologies in 2007 whose sole business was changing anodes in hot water systems. They offered free no obligation inspections on storage hot water cylinders of 4 years or older, and we carry on the same way as they did. And what do we achieve by doing this, well that’s simple
At the manufacturing stage a glass lining is sprayed on the inside of the cylinder to prevent the mild steel cylinder getting in touch with the water. But with cold water coming into the cylinder which in turn gets heated up there is continuous expansion and contraction taking place. The mild steel cylinder and the glass lining however expand and contract at a different rate with temperature changes, so after about 18 months the glass lining will start to crack and the mild steel cylinder is exposed to the water, we all know what that means RUST!!!! So therefore the manufacturer has put in a rod called an anode to make sure the cylinder lasts at least the warranty period. The way it works: if there are 2 metals in water one will sacrifice itself to prevent the other from rusting . So once this anode has dissipated the cylinder will start to rust out rapidly and you will be up for the cost of a new hot water system. But by simply changing the anode every 4 years you keep the rusting process at bay and prolong the life of the cylinder. The cylinder will eventually break but that is caused by metal fatigue, continuous expansion and contraction, but that won’t happen until it is approximately 20 years old. Gaswatch holds a data base of 4000+ people where we change the anode every 4 years ( gas, solar andelectric) 500 of these hot water cylinders are now 20+ years old and the majority of them where 5 years warranty cylinders.

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  1. Anode replacement required for a 145 litre gas HWS at
    48 Kingfisher Circuit Flagstaff Hill

    Please call Tuesday April 18 if possible to confirm a suitable installation today & time: 0413 058 428

  2. Hi Frans, Frank seems to think our hotwater service should be due for an anode replacement. If you have time could you check and let me know when it is due,
    many thanks

    Meredith Holla Aberfoyle Park

  3. Hi Frans, we Looking for hotwater service and we are due an anoreksia replacement. Would you be So Kind and call Riitta Porter 0408900358 and make appointment for it. Many Thanks, John and Riitta Porter

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