Property managers/landlords .... gas compliance has been shooting under the radar for too long and you can loose your business

The Residential Tenancies Act 1995 requires a landlord/agent to ensure that rented accommodation is maintained in “good repair”. This includes all gas appliances provided by the landlord, which must be safe to use and properly maintained. ( Usually at intervals not exceeding 2 year )

Failure to ensure gas appliances are properly installed or correctly maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions could not only potentially kill or harm the tenant(s), but could cause significant property damage and expose the landlord/agents to civil liability and potentially costly litigation.

There might also be unintended impact on the landlord’s insurance if injury or damage is found to have been caused by poorly serviced or unsafe appliances.

The landlord and agent should ensure safety checks are done at rented premises at agreed intervals, at least once every two years as recommended by manufacturers.

If something happens to your tenant caused by a faulty unserviced gas heater the insurance company has got the right to "NOT PAY OUT" on your indemnity insurance leaving you with the nightmare scenario of paying for the damages.

But in saying all that we provide a complete management solution when it comes to gas appliances and installations.

Services provided:

    • A Gaswatch Gas Safety Strategy
    • Installation of gas appliances
    • Servicing of gas appliances
    • Periodic maintenance of gas appliances
    • Fault finding on all domestic gas appliances
    • Carbon monoxide testing on gas appliances
    • Carbon monoxide detectors ( supply and install)
    • Installation of gas pipework from the meter into the house
    • Gas leak detection
    • Gas appliance removal
    • Hot water change overs ( gas, solar, electric)
    • Hot water conversions ( cylinder to instantaneous)
    • Hot water cylinder anode specialist ( gas, solar, electric)
    • Keep a planned maintenance schedule for future maintenance ( we remind you)

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