Gaswatch has been looking after the gas appliances in my student share house for over 4 years. Utilities are included in the rental package, and heating, cooking and hot water are all powered by gas. It is therefore very important to me that all appliances are kept in tip top condition, and my service contract with Gaswatch has provided the assurance I need. Frans has always provided prompt, courteous and reliable service, and the service contract means no more nasty maintenance surprises!

Lionel Frost, Owner/Manager, UNIShare accommodation for students

“Whilst it was a shock to learn that you had detected a gas leak when we simply wanted the clock and light fixed on our oven. I can report that there has already been a noticeable drop in our gas account and more importantly a removal of the risk of a fire or explosion. I appreciate the time Frans took to locate the leak and the professional manner in which he undertook in repairing the leak and restoring the wall afterwards. More importantly few tradesman show respect for a home or clean up after themselves. This was most appreciated. My wife was also pleased that Frans was able to fix the clock and not have to replace it I would be more than happy to recommend your company to anyone”.

Paul Worthington Dulwich

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